Working Papers

Intertemporal Pricing with Resellers: An Empirical Study of Product Drops, with Saravanan Kesavan and Seyed Emadi
(Major Revision, Management Science)
Available on SSRN here.

Augmenting Algorithms with Human Input: Estimating the Value of Private Information with a Large-Scale Field Experiment, with Saravanan Kesavan and Tarun Kushwaha.
(Under 2nd round review at Management Science)

Local Fulfillment in E-Commerce: Structural Estimation of Fulfilling Demand Sensitive to Delivery Speed, with Saravanan Kesavan
(Working paper)
Available here.

Works in Progress

Incentivizing Recycling to Improve Sustainability: Evidence from Field Experiments, with Atalay Atasu and Saravanan Kesavan
(Field experiments in progress)

How Transparency to Black Box Models Impacts Manager Override Behavior: Explainable AI in Retail, with Saravanan Kesavan
(Field experiments in progress)

Published Papers

The Effect of Brexit on EU Voting Power (2018), with Kathy Hoke
The UMAP Journal
Available here.

A comparison of Carlet’s second order nonlinearity bounds (2017), with Sihem Mesnager, Gavin McGrew, James Davis, Katherine Marsten
International Journal of Computer Mathematics
Available here.