Job Market Paper

Intertemporal Pricing with Resellers: An Empirical Study of Product Drops, with Saravanan Kesavan and Seyed Emadi
(Under preparation for resubmission to Management Science)
Available to download on SSRN here.

Working Papers

Enhancing Local Fulfillment in Retail: A Structural Model of Fulfilling Demand Sensitive to Waiting, with Saravanan Kesavan
(Targeting Manufacturing & Service Operations Management)
Available for download here.

Works in Progress

How Transparency to Black Box Models Impacts Manager Override Behavior: Explainable AI in Retail, with Saravanan Kesavan
(Field experiments in progress)

Incentivizing Recycling to Improve Sustainability: Empirical Evidence from a Consumer Electronics Retailer, with Atalay Atasu and Saravanan Kesavan
(Field experiments in progress)

Published Papers

The Effect of Brexit on EU Voting Power (2018), with Kathy Hoke
The UMAP Journal
Available for download here.

A comparison of Carlet’s second order nonlinearity bounds (2017), with Sihem Mesnager, Gavin McGrew, James Davis, Katherine Marsten
International Journal of Computer Mathematics
Available for download here.